About LIPA

“Lipa” is the Slavic word for the “linden tree”, the traditional gathering place for important events and celebrations, a place for harmony and togetherness.

LIPA, the organization, was created in the same spirit to publicly present socially aware art and discourse, primarily but not exclusively from the Central and Eastern European countries. Through exhibitions, lectures, and performances, LIPA hopes to foster a spirit of reconciliation, shared humanity and human possibility that builds links and opportunities among individuals and groups seeking to shape a world free of racial and ethnic hatred.

LIPA was originally created in 1997 in Washington D.C. with the “Artists for Peace” program, this effort sought to bring greater public attention to the tragic war in former Yugoslavia and since then has presented scores of exhibitions, lectures and performances

The years 2001/2002 mark ten years since the Balkan crisis. We at LIPA feel it is important to commemorate this juncture in history with meaningful events in the future to remind people of the dangers of prejudice, nationalism, authoritarianism and war.