Board of Directors

LIPA’s Board of Directors is comprised of artists and human rights activists from Europe and the United States. The full board meets three times a year, and the gallery’s director is in weekly contact with the Executive Committee. Because of the nature of our mission, some of our board members live overseas and regular contact is facilitated via fax and e-mail. Programming and operational decisions are made by the gallery’s director. Long-range planning, including fundraising activities, are the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

Sonja Biserko
Helsinki Committee
Belgrade, Serbia
Carl Davidson
Networking for Democracy
Chicago, IL
Janis Goodman
Professor of Painting
Corcoran School of Art
Washington, DC
Alan Graubard
Washington, DC
Kemal Kurspahic
Journalist, Writer
US Correspondent for Oslobodenje, newspaper in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Nevenka Poljansek
Radio and TV of Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vesna Rebernak
Architect, Founder of LIPA
Chicago, Illinois
Tomaz Å alamun
Poet-Cultural Attachee
Consulate General of Slovenia
New York
Robert Schattke
Computer Programmer
Chicago, Illinois
Aneta Shine
Art Historian
National Gallery of Art
Washington, DC