Human Rights Day

In the light of the upcoming
Human Rights Day
L.I.P.A. is presenting an art exhibit and a performance

Friday, 8th of December 6:00-8:00pm

Still Life with Arm
Oil on linen 60″ x 50″

Gallery 2
“MYTH AND METAPHOR” Paintings by Arthur Lerner
“Hanged figures or figures in states of decay or mummification may suggest torment or victimization and consequently may evoke powerful emotions within us.
We create myths and religious systems as a way of dealing not only with the cruelties of life but also with the inevitability of death. Mummies and mythical figures in my work are not intended to represent specific political or historical events in any way, but rather to act as symbols or metaphors for the terror, the anguish, the tragic, the comic – even the absurdity and the beauty of life as we experience it.” ~ Arthur Lerner

Entrance Lobby
200 FACES – Paintings by Nancy Plotkin
SYMBOL ONE – Photographs by Miza H. Moreau
LETTER TO MY FRIENDS – Works on Paper by Dusan Kirbisi

Glass Atrium

“ON DEATH & GARDENING” by Donna Blue Lachman
A one woman play at the Art Center in Highland Park, one evening only
The critically acclaimed one-woman play “On Death and Gardening” is written and performed by Emmy award-winning actress Donna Blue Lachman. Part hilarious comedy, part meditation, Lachman binds up memories of
people and plants, creating a spiritual travelogue that takes us all over the world and back to her garden where the great question of life and death becomes,
“Are We Annuals or Perennials?”
“Lachman is an ingenious writer and performer” (Chicago Sun-Times).
Tickets $15, available at the Art Center by calling 847-432-1888
(tickets will be held at the door)

For the past twenty years, Donna Blue Lachman has been writing and performing her one woman plays on Chicago stages as well as in theaters around the country and around the world. The play is part comedy, part meditation; it explores the transient nature of the world we live (and die) in. Asking what things we nurture and what things we kill or try to exile in order to create a garden we feel fits our definition of what should be, Lachman finds the incongruities in our management of both garden and life.

She binds up memories of people and plants, living and dead in a story of intricate, difficult and comedic proportions, creating a spiritual travelogue that takes us from her childhood in Skokie, Illinois, to a hysterical account of a month-long meditation retreat in California, to a Chicago theater where she died 296 times on stage, to trekking the Himalayas and through insomniac nights back to the garden.

In her garden is hidden the great questions of life and death: are we “annuals or perennials?” There she also deals with these deep matters “like a tit-mouse hopping on the back of a rhinoceros”


Friday, 1st of December 6:00-9:00pm



Elena Fajt
Memento, 2006

Glass and human hair

Two artists from Slovenia, Zora Stancic (printmaker) and Elena Fajt (mixed media), work with already used and/or wasted motives, materials, and contents to give them new meanings. Through their installaions, prints and objects visitors will face and question their own values, norms and prejudices. The title of the show is actually a metaphor of contemporary society and its “best before” date concept. In this way, contemporary art also has more and more of its own “best before” date. What happens when it expires? Then, how can the wasted be experienced?


Int Vabilo

Zora Stancic, is a visual artist whose medium is print and printmaking in which she combines her intimate stories and comments on contemporary life and art. Her works are among the permanent collections in the Albertina, Vienna, the Fond National D’Art Contemporain in Paris, the Gallery of Modern Art in Ljubljana and the JaneVoorhees Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. She has published two books of her works: Album (1995) and Review (2000).


Int Vabilo
Human hair

Elena Fajt, visual artist, works on the Hairsense project in which she explores human hair in artistic, symbolic, and cultural sense. Her works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany and USA. She had a residency at Rosemont College in Philadelphia in 2004-2005 and at The Galleries at Moore in Philadelphia in summer 2005, which was concluded with solo show.

Thanks to: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Department of Culture at City of Ljubljana, Consulate General of Slovenia, L.I.P.A., Pristop