Immersion Point

L.I.P.A. Galley presents Immersion Point. This exhibit features artists working across borders, whether geographical, cultural, or conceptual. They conflate and blur the lines between the poetic, the political, and the personal. The opening event will feature a performative lecture and panel discussion focusing on various strategies of resistance – from laughter to unearthing a critical mass of unsettled histories.

Co-curated by Vesna Rebernak and Sheelah Murthy, the show includes work by:
Jessica Almy Pagan with Vu Kim Thu — performative sound installation
Wafaa Bilal — interactive video installation
Jens Brasch — paintings
Kai Duc Long — film stills
Mrs Rao’s Growl — text and photo installation
Elena Jovanova — installation
Avisheh Mohsenin — sound sculpture
Charlotte Saenz — video

Baiti / My Home
(Al Qaeda R US)

Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal presents an interactive video installation. It offers a visually poetic exposition of United States’ intervention in selective parts of the world between 1948 and the present. The artist draws attention to the root causes of much of the hatred directed toward the US government. The work illustrates atrocities committed by the US military and the CIA against many entities resisting or confronting US imperialism. Before the viewer enters the installation, time is frozen in 1945. The viewer’s presence allows figures from Iwo Jima to morph to life. From the moment of entry, time evolves to the present. Upon completion of this shifting image, a screen on the opposite wall begins: a forty-minute video from 11 different countries affected by US intervention. The installation uses an infra-red camera to constantly take reference frames of the space. When the viewer leaves the space, time returns to 1945.

JessicaJessica Almy Pagan with Vu Kim Thu
performative sound installation (video still)
WafaaBilalWafaa Bilal
interactive video installation
JensBracshJens Brasch
MrsRoasGrowlMrs Grao’s Growl
text and photo installation
SharlotteSaenzSharlotte Saenz

Curated by: Vesna Rebernak