Point Tandem

Friday, 4th of November 5:30-8:30pm


Collaborative - Gentle Harbor
Collaborative Gentle Harbor 2004silk screen on lithograph 15″ x 21″

The Diarists:

Recent Work by

Robert and Stephen Mueller

The task of the diarist is to take timely account of experience before too much is forgotten. Professional diarists, such as historians, journalists and scientists, take a stab at objectivity, but even they are too often thwarted when the selective sieve of memory intervenes. Add to this the formalizing required of the act of writing or any record keeping and the issue of relating the actual truth of events seems almost moot. Unlike those professional diarists, artist/diarists—and Robert and Stephen Mueller should be included among them—bar no prerequisite of objectivity as a tool for truth. Instead they substitute their faith in the revelatory powers of the subjective to reify their day-to-day experiences into art. They also go a step further. They add to such diarizing the shared, parallel and divergent histories that their acts of collaboration call up.

Curated by: Vesna Rebernak, Robert and Stephen Mueller


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